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Jim Henning

Sustainability: what is the role of the financial markets?

How are we able to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs?

Financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and asset managers play a pivotal role alongside national governments and regulations, if we are to be successful in sustainably combining often-competing interests. These challenges can be collectively described as the three ‘P's’ – standing for ‘people: planet: profit’.

This is because the fundamental role of financial markets is to efficiently channel resources to the most financially viable companies, not just in the present, but even more critically, in the future. In a perfectly efficient market, those companies which are considered good or taking steps to improve their sustainability are rewarded by access to financial markets to fund their development at a lower cost compared to those that are not.

Global commitments to respond to the threat of climate change as outlined in the Paris Agreement of 2015 have placed the asset management industry at the forefront of delivering the improvements in corporate citizenship needed if we are to stand any chance in meeting them.

For asset managers, this process involves the careful assessment of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk factors when making investment...



The European Federation of Financial Advisers and Financial Intermediaries (FECIF) was chartered in June 1999 for the defence and promotion of the role of financial advisers and intermediaries in Europe.

FECIF, the only body representing European financial advisers and intermediaries, it is based in Brussels, the heart of Europe.



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